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We are passionate about esports.

The Esports Player Development (EPD) project was launched by the University of Texas at Dallas’ ArtSciLab. It aims to reform this 21st century sport. The ArtSciLab exists within UT Dallas School of Arts, Technology, & Emerging Communication. With a holistic perspective, we provide research, feedback and training for current and up-coming esports players.

Our expertise

Mental & Physical Health

We provide information and overview on each player's physical and mental constraints during gaming.

Playing for various hours uninterrupted may take a toll on the body. Practice and competitions may also increase frustration and deep emotional processing that could have an effect on mental health. We analyze both axes to understand and prevent such issues.


The community surrounding a player is large and complex. We bring it all together.

Players are not the only part of esports. Though essential, they heavily rely on the industry that sponsors them, their audiences and of course, their friends and family. We take these occurrences and connect them to get a more global perspective on the sport.

Our team

Our team, united by the principles of innovation and research, come from a variety of professional backgrounds.

Lauren Bernal

Project Manager

A graduate from the Bachelor of Science program in Psychology at the University of Texas at Dallas, she has Research Assisted Dr. Walter J. Dowling’s Music Perception & Cognition Lab as well as Dr. Karen Prager’s Couples Daily Lives Lab. During an independent study, she investigated positive affect induced by musical tempos in the fall of 2018. Over the summer of 2018, she interned for UT Southwestern’s Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care where she researched Cognitive Impairments Influenced by Parental Relationships in Major Depressive Disorder.

Kirsten Dupree

Lead Researcher & Financial Deputy

Coming soon.


Cris Kubli

Lead Ethnographer & Organizational Engineer

Cris holds a BS in Biological Anthropology and an MS in Applied Cognition & Neuroscience. He is interested in analyzing socio-cognitive aspects for the development of technology— most particularly the convergence between AI and culture. His role at EPD is focuses on utilizing anthropological and psychological methods to understand players and the people around them. In addition, he serves as a main contributor to improve communication and efficiency within the EPD and the ArtSciLab.

Semra Zamurad

Assistant Researcher

A graduate from the Bachelor of Science program in Psychology at Texas Woman’s University, she has been involved in research throughout her academic career, contributing to studies investigating topics like sexual and gender minority representation within psychology, impact of American culture on Asian American self-esteem and identity development, and online authenticity. In addition to this, she also completed a Capstone project that explored how immersive technologies can and are changing how we conduct psychological research and practice.Currently, she works at EPD to provide a biopsychosocial perspective to the investigative efforts of the team.


Peter Mills

Assistant Researcher

Coming soon.


Roger Malina

ArtSciLab Director

Roger F. Malina is a space scientist and astronomer, with a specialty in extreme and ultraviolet astronomy, space instrumentation and optics. He is also a publisher and editor in the new emerging research fields that connect the sciences and engineering to the arts, design and humanities. Since 1982, he has served as Executive Editor of the Leonardo Publications at MIT Press. He is currently a Distinguished Professor of Art and Technology and Professor of Physics, at the University of Texas at Dallas. He serves as the Associate Director of ATEC, and founded the ArtSciLab in the same school in fall of 2013.


Esports Player Development

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